Weekend Two

Double JJ Resort, Rothbury, MI     June 2018


Electric Forest is truly a festival that’s hard to sum up in words. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you go. If you have been then I know you’re just like me, counting the days till next year, itching to go back! This amazing festival, split into two separate weekends, is truly like no other when it comes to location and design. Ask any member of the Forest Family and they will all agree, Electric Forest is truly magical.

As Electric Forest wrapped up in the early hours of Monday morning, I slowly made my way back to the campground. I walked around the forest one last time and just watched all the people walk by. One thing that truly makes Electric Forest so unique and special is the loving atmosphere felt all around. You can stand in the middle of the Forest walkway, right in front of the heart hands sculpture and shout at the top of your lungs “Happy Forest Everybody“ and a sea of love will echo you back and even a few Forest Goers will seek you out and hug you. Everyone is so loving, caring, and always looking out for everyone around them. You will never feel alone at Electric Forest. You will always be a part of the Forest Family.

Electric Forest truly is a Magical Music and Arts Festival.


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The Main GA Camping Entrance to Electric Forest.


The Glitch Mob, Sherwood Court, Saturday Night


The String Cheese Incident



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Space Jesus - Thursday - Sherwood Court

CloZee - Friday - Tripolee and Jubilee Stages

Quix - Friday - Tripolee Stage

Marshmello - Friday - Ranch Stage

Jauz - Friday - Tripolee Stage

String Cheese Incident - Friday & Saturday - Ranch Stage

The Glitch mob - Saturday - sherwood court

The Glitter unicorn spectacular - sunday - carousel club

the shiz - sunday - Tripolee Stage

Herobust - sunday - Tripolee Stage

Electric Forest Festival Goers