Film Editor

Determined, outgoing, and hardworking Editor with years of training in professional-grade software collaborating with creative Directors and Producers in an editing suite.


Able to edit in a variety of genres (Action, Comedy, Documentary) with continuity, a creative eye, and an analytical mind. Master of time and pacing; able to enhance a character’s development and flow of the overall story of a narrative film.

Experience - Film Editing

Local Work

Viacom LLC/Paramount Network - Lead Editor - Project Bellator

  • Bellator MMA project for Viacom LLC/Paramount Network, cutting live MMA shows down and removing graphics/sponsorships for Paramount’s, Viacom’s, And Electus’ streaming services as well as Bellator’s online site.

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Columbia College Hollywood - Editing TA

  • Teacher’s Assistant at alumni school helping instructors teach professional editing software, technique, and process to new and current students.

ColorTime 2020 inc. - Online Editor/Quality Control/Encoding and Transcoding

  • Work with Broadcasting Companies to finalizes films and TV shows through their final steps of Post Production. Reviews in detail Films and TV shows to ensure good quality of Sound, Picture, Captioning, etc.

    (Modern Family, LA to Vegas, Life in Pieces, Sinclair Broadcast)

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Red Nation Television Network - Editor (Intern)

  • Collaborate directly with the C.E.O to create completing feature-length content designed to raise awareness and funding for Native American community in Film.

Native American Now - Editor (Intern)

  • Collaborate directly with the Director and Stage Manager to create multiple episodes of a Television series show.

Freelance Editor

  • Works alongside many Student Directors on low/no budget projects, including shorts, promos, & features.


Wintersun, Band - On Tour Videographer/Editor

  • Films and Edits the entire Finnish Heavy Metal Band, Wintersun’s show with a 4 camera rig including on stage with a Gimble Camera Rig for the entire 2018 North American Forest Tour.

Sabton, Band - On Tour VLOG/BTS Editor

  • Films and Edits the Behind the Scenes Events and Shenanigans of the Swedish Band, Sabaton, as well as live shows, while on The North American Tour 2018.

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Show/Tour Photographer 

It all started with a once in a lifetime opportunity to join up on Sabaton's 2018 North American Tour as their Vlog Editor and Photographer. After that Broken Photography was launched!


Writer/Photographer for Folk N' Rock Webzine - USA based

Writer/Photographer for StarGaze Magazine - Sweden based