Nix Lynn Ullrich's Editing Credits

Wintersun Videographer/Editor

On Tour Editor/Videographer for Finnish Heavy Metal Band, Wintersun on thier North American Forest Tour 2018.

Sabaton VLOGs - Sabaton, Band

                    On Tour Editor for Swedish Band editing multiple Vlogs for thier Last North American Tour 2018.

Eternal - Capelo Entertainment

                    Editor for Capelo Productions Short Horror Film

Midnight Meeting - Capelo Entertainment

                    2nd Editor for Capelo Productions Short Drama Film

Every 15 Minutes - NCADD

                    Editor for National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency of the San Fernando Valley's Teen drunk Driving PSA Film

Star Wars: Fall of Creation - Alliance-A New Era

Editor for a Short Star Wars Fan Film

Fou Fou Makeup Commercial - Capelo Entertainment

Editor for a National Fou-Fou Makeup Brand Commercial

The Balboa Lake House Commercial - Balboa Lake House

Editor for a Locally Aired Venue Commercial.